I have made the plunge, and it’s in the deep end this time. I have decided to start a blog all about my scrapbooking adventures. And trust me some are true adventures.  I have set my eyes on the prize and I intend to reach it.   What prize you say?  The prize of living life, wether exciting or mundane, being a loyal wife, a nurturing mother, and a completely creative memory preserver.  This is my mission and this is how I am going to document my…documenting. I’m honored that you have stopped by and are graciously reading this far into my self proclaimed mantra, and hope that you return and hopefully become inspired to either scrapbook, put photos in an album, or journal about life’s big or small moments, because they all add up to this lovely thing called life!


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I am so excited for you!! I love this so far!! Can’t wait to see more!!! Btw I just got done watching the newest challenge and I love it even more watching the video!! Gorgeous layout!! Gorgeous picture too!!


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