Darling Please….


I must say that this one of my favorite pages that I have made to date.  Maybe it was the subject (that just really touched me so much), or maybe it was using new product (always fun, right?), or maybe it was using the new Maggie Holmes “SHINE” collection (OMG!!!).  Whatever it was I had this idea in the middle of the night, which is not unusual for me, and the next morning I got to work!


I started with the sheet that is made up of multi-colored rulers….LOVE… and cut them apart using my trimmer.  I then placed them on the right half of the page at varying heights.  I then ran them through my sewing machine and using a mix of a straight stitch and a zig zag stitch got them stuck down.  After that it was a matter of deciding what papers I wanted to layer under my photo ad I selected this black and white floral which is just beautiful!  I didn’t want anything that would distract from the rulers in the back as they had some significant meaning to the layout.  I then decided to go through the ephemera pack and selected out the pieces that I wanted to use!


Before I adhered any of the pieces down though, I had to start working only title as I knew that this was really going to be the star of the show!  I knew that I wanted a long title and I knew the general tone that I wanted it to give the page.  I had seen a title similar to this awhile ago on a gallery and I wish that I could remember who did it so that I could credit them but unfortunately I don’t.  So I gathered up my alphas and decided on which ones I wanted to use where and so at the end of it all I came up with “Darling, please stay young a little bit longer at least for Moma’s heart” which pretty much sums up how I feel at this moment in time raising my two little girls.  After the title was situated I could adhere my embellishments down without worrying about everything not fitting.


I really enjoyed making this layout and honestly it really made my think about the topic much  more as I was creating it.  I often scrapbook for the art and creative release that it provides and the memories being documented are just an added bonus for my family and myself, but something special about this one that really spoke to me and I really loved that about it!  I do hope that you enjoyed it and if you are interested I will leave the link to the video below! Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!



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