I know, I know lol

So I know it’s been awhile! I have been neglecting my blog and yes I am sorry lol.  I would love to say that I have been just so busy that I haven’t had time to come on here and write anything, or that I have had a major life change that has stopped me from doing anything on here but in reality that would be just an utter lie HA!  The honest truth is that for some reason my blog is really the last thing I think about when I am scrapbooking or creating anything! To be real about it all my process usually goes something like this:

Get inspired by something amazing

Get to the craft room and create something that is hopefully 1/10 as amazing

If I happened to record it, import it and edit it and post it to YouTube

Post my links to my video in the Facebook groups that I am fortunate enough to be in

And sadly that is usually the end of it all….I forget all about my own little spot here on the internet!

BUT I will say that the thought does enter my mind every now and again to post on here and I usually end up doing it in bulk! (Which is what I am getting ready to do here since I am insanely bored at the moment hahaha)

I’d also like to add ( if you happen to still be with me lol) that I do enjoy having a blog.  I love that I have a place where I can come and just do or say what I like…It’s like having my own little part of the house where the kids can’t come (yeah right!!) and I also know that there are lots of people that don’t do the Youtube thing and love to read the blogs much more so I would love to offer those people something from myself as well! SO here we go! Get ready for a storm of blog posts coming your way! I do hope that you enjoy!!



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