Just Checking In!!

Well Happy Humpday lol! Yes it’s Wednesday and the week is half over with! YAY!  I just wanted to put a quick post check in and let you know what my crafty (and maybe not so crafty) things have been looking like this week! I WAS keeping up pretty well with my December Daily album until about Saturday hehehe!  I’m not too far behind…yet…but I have remembered to take pictures and keep some real life ephemera so that’s good.  Plus I have the layout of where everything will go and have my photos printed through Monday, so really I’ve been doing the foundation for it I just have to find the time to really sit down and put it together! So I guess I’m not doing to bad right?!  Other then that I have just had some little setbacks in life that have been affecting my week a tad.  I don’t think that I have ever shared this before but I have recently, with in the past few months been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure…like really high….so I have really been working to get that down to where it needs to be, but that is a lot easier said than done and I should also mention that I am in fact adopted, so to know any of my family history is pretty much impossible…sometimes I feel like I am fighting against something that may be genetic. I just know it’s frustrating and when my pressure gets to certain point I have these horrible headaches and really don’t feel like doing much of anything!  BUT, on a much happier note Christmas has seem to come early to my household!! Me and Dre (the love of my life <3) took our two daughters out to see a Christmas event that takes place here in Minneapolis every year, and before we went in he surprised me with a new DSLR camera! OMGoodness I can’t even tell you how excited and happy I was to receive that! I had been hoping for one for about a year now and didn’t even realize that he knew that because I don’t think that I had ever mentioned anything to him about one! What a great guy and I do have to admit he continues to amaze me every single day even after 14 years of being together! I have been doing lots of research on how to use it because I have only ever used a point and click and a camera phone up until now so we will see.  If you have any great tips or know of any nice websites or classes on how to use one for beginners I would love to hear about them!  Well I hope that where ever you are, December is being kind to you and that you are able to craft and enjoy the magic of the season!  I will be back soon with some new projects (and hopefully some awesome photos of them HA!)  Take Care!



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