It’s so hard to say goodbye…

I know that some of you are part of some of the Facebook groups that I am in as well and may have heard the news that my beloved Pomeranian Swiper had passed away on December 26th.  It was something that happened very suddenly and was devastating to our whole family.  Swiper was still just a puppy but was very much a big part of our family.  He was the perfect addition and just the sweetest thing who loved us all, but seemed to have a really special bond with me.  He just loved to follow me around everywhere that I went which included my craft room.  He had everything he needed in there including his bed, toys, food, and of course his momma.  I only bring this up because since his passing I have had a little bit of a hard time getting back in the room.  My fiancee was sweet enough to go and clean out Swiper’s things as I wasn’t even stepping foot in the room. but I still have a hard time in there without him running around and gnawing on the big tub under my desk. Funny how you can miss the little things that once pushed your buttons, right?!  All in all I will get back in the saddle, I just need a little bit of time.  And Swiper I know that all dogs go to heaven and I know you are no exception to that, I just wish we would have had more time.  You are and will always be truly missed by us all!  I love you Swipe-Dogg!!!


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